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How Much Of Your Marketing Strategy Is WP Blog Marketing?

Blogs in Marketing & Blogs for Marketing?

I Personally Use A Lot Of Blog And Mini-Blog Sites.

If You Are Like Me, New Techniques, WP Plugins, And Off-Line Software Can Be Useful in Improving Your Blog Marketing Results!

Blog Marketing, Blog in Marketing, Blog for Marketing

Tracking Down These Blog Marketing Resources Takes Time And Luck. Let Me Help You Out!

For Instance: We all know how important backlinks are to getting good search placement. I found a free WP Plugin which automatically finds and creates backlinks for your WP blog. With this plugin, every post you create brings in backlinks to your blog appropriate to your keywords. This automatically helps your blog marketing results.

For Instance: We all know that pinging our post is a way to alert search engines that we have new content for them to spider. Did you know that pinging your backlink source improves the the search engine’s recognition of your backlink? I found a free offline program you can use to cycle through a list of URLs and ping those places where you have placed a backlink for your post. This gives you faster upward movement in your search results and certainly helps your blog marketing efforts.

Why WordPress Blog Marketing Tips?

WP blogs are so easy to install and set up, so mini-blog sites are something you can whip together in just a few minutes. In just a few minutes your blog marketing site can be live.

WP Blogs give you a virtually unlimited range of look-and-feel options that you can easily create marketing and delivery sites which are easy to create, operate, and maintain. This makes it easy for you to provide many different blog marketing venues.

WP Blog plugins are easy to install and can give you amazing functionality. Some of the best plugins are free and they can dramatically improve your blog marketing results.

WP Blogs are an excellent avenue for you to brand yourself or your technique. You can have an ongoing policy to post regularly in your blog and grow your brand.

Join me in Blog Marketing Tips

Join me here in Blog Marketing and I’ll keep you informed about how to squeeze more out of your WP blog marketing efforts.

I’ll help you find those tidbits of information or software which you can use to get a little more from your blog marketing.

Blog Marketing

What is Blog Marketing Tips?

This is a free membership site. I’ll post information here that you can use to improve your results. Sometimes it will be a technique. Sometimes it will be an idea. Sometimes it will be a site you should check out. Sometimes it will be software you can use. I like to find and use free software, but sometimes I’ll be telling you about something that costs money. I’ll tell you about it in my post.

This is a free newsletter. I’ll send you helpful tips about getting more from your WP Blog Marketing efforts by email several times per week. These will always include a link into the Blog Marketing site to make it easier for you to visit.

Why Should You Join Blog Marketing Tips?

  • It is free.
  • It is focused on all aspects of blog marketing.
  • It is hype-free.
  • I’ll post my opinions and you decide what to do about it.
  • It is informative.
  • It is educational.
  • It is down-to-earth and matter-of-fact.

Join now and I’ll send you the link for the WP Plugin which automatically brings you keyword-based backlinks.

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